Volunteer Tracker



Volunteer Tracker is a J2EE application to keep track of a group of volunteers, the organizations they belong to, the organizations they volunteer at, and the activities they participate in at those organizations. Volunteers can pledge to participate in a certain number of activities per year, and are reminded of their pledge as the year progresses. Reminders are sent out two week prior to a participation date, and responses are tracked. And finally, surveys can be published, and their results tracked.

Individuals can update their demographic information, and can upload survey results. Therefore, the underlying data store must be secure ­ and access control must be fine grained.

The initial deployment of a VolunteerTrak application is expected to be on a JBoss+Jetty server, with MySQL as a back end. However, none of the code should assume either piece of software is available. Deployment code should be developed for each possible software combination.

All source is released under the GNU Public License (GPL).